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5 Reasons a Condo May Be Right for You in the Daytona Beach Area

5 Reasons a Condo May Be Right for You in the Daytona Beach Area

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Is Condo Living for You?

Condo living is a great experience for many people, but it’s not for everyone. In the Daytona Beach Area, it’s the lowest cost way to live on the beach.

Take a look at the reasons a condo may be right for you:

1. Location

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  • Beachfront or Riverfront for less
  • You can buy the condo for much less than the cost of a lot
2. Amenities

pool imageMost condos have:

  • Pools
  • Fitness Center
  • Game rooms
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Saunas
  • Barbecue area
  • Walk right out to beach
  • Enhanced security

3. Lock and Leave

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  • Condo fees generally cover maintenance
  • You won’t need to:
  • Cut grass
  • Paint the outside of the condo
  • Maintain the roof
  • Pay water, sewer or trash
  • Building insurance
  • Typically, you’ll only pay for electricity and phone
  • Condo Staff can:
  • Set aside your mail
  • Let contractors into your unit
4. Security


security guard imageMany condos in the Daytona Beach area have secure parking and entry and onsite staff during business hours

5. Downside
  • downside imageStorage is limited with some condos having only a small storage area
  • Outdoor Space is likely to be limited, but not in all buildings
  • Reserve funds and association fees can vary and some buildings are better at management than others. Be sure to ask for financials when purchasing a condo
  • Close neighbors
  • Condo rules – you get a vote but may not agree
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