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Daytona Beach Homes – How Are People Paying?

How Are People Paying for Daytona Beach Homes?

Sales of Daytona Beach homes have been strong this year. People are buying homes and condos, but how are they paying for their properties. There’s an interesting new feature in our local MLS (multiple listing service) that shows how people paid for the property purchase.

In June, 52.4% of buyers paid cash. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m seeing about 80% of my buyers paying cash. Here’s the breakdown of how properties were paid for:

  • Cash – 255 (52.4%)
  • Conventional Mortgage – 136 (27.9%)
  • VA/FHA 72 (14.8%)
  • Other 24 (4.9%)

I went back to take a look at how financing has changes since the boom days. In June 2005 the numbers were completely different. 74.4% of homes and condos were purchased through conventional mortgages and 22.9% were cash buyers. In rough terms, 3 out of 4 people were using conventional financing in 2005 and 1 out of 4 are doing so today. Also interesting is that 1.3% of buyers in June 2005 used FHA or VA loans versus 14.8% last month.


More than half of buyers of Daytona Beach condos and homes are paying cash, about 1 out of 4 are using conventional financing and 15% are using VA or FHA loans. This tells me that if you want to finance at the good rates and you’re eligible that VA/FHA money is available (see Get Your FHA Loan Now) and people are getting loans. Make sure to check this avenue for the best options. If you have good credit and are willing to go through the new more stringent processes, mortgage money is available.

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