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Memorial Day – Remembering the Women’s Army Corps (WAC)

Did you know the Daytona Beach had a Women's Army Corps Training Center during World War II? Here's a photo from the Boston Public Library from the period. The training center was the second built in 1942. When initially created the corps … [Read more...]

Protect Your Home – Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Simple Steps to Protect Your Home and Yourself from Identity Theft Identity Theft is real. It can really turn your life upside down. It can keep you from buying a home or a car and ruin your credit. Check out this video. It’s dramatic, but … [Read more...]

Remodeling a Home – Investment or Expense?

Is Remodeling an Investment or Expense? Opinions vary, but facts can be much more useful. Remodeling Magazine has recently published their annual survey on the return on investment for different remodeling projects. They cover adding pools, … [Read more...]

National Home Building Codes Updated

Energy costs for Daytona Beach homes are very high in the summer months when air conditioners run around the clock. US Building codes are being updated to significantly reduce energy costs. I found the story about the updates to the national building … [Read more...]