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A Discussion on Risk in the Seniors Housing Sector

A Discussion on Risk in the Seniors Housing Sector

Seniors are expected to be a little bit more mature than the rest of the society. However, seniors need a lot of things done for them. Seniors need to be taken care of and they deserve to be in a comfortable environment where they can live and relax. Many people who are in senior housing do not actually want to be. However, in America, there are many people who just stash away their parents, or grandparents, in senior housing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resident turnover rates for the senior demographic is high, between 37 and 56% for an annual rate.
  • The lowest turnover rate can be found in the Continuing Care Communities, which averages at about 22%.
  • Age and fragility of health are very germane to resident’s length of stay and overall turnover rate.

“This article looks at risks facing operators and financiers of seniors housing and care facilities.”

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