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Should Retirees Rent or Own

Should Retirees Rent or Own

Retirees are the people who have achieved what most people are trying to achieve! To have some financial freedom to the point where you do not have to work anymore is the dream for many people. Some people do it quicker than others but in the end, many are chasing that same goal. Therefore, the question remains of whether or not it is better for people who retire to own where they live or rent where they live.

Key Takeaways:

  • The people who are retiring earlier than others do not know what is best for them financially.
  • Some people retire because they physically cannot work anymore but still have debts.
  • It is a sad thing when a retired person cannot afford to have a place to live when they stop working.

“The reality is that many older homeowners are grappling with this issue, as well, but for a variety of different reasons. Some have mortgage payments they couldn’t afford if they stopped working while others simply wish to forgo the hassles of home maintenance.”

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