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Sales of Daytona Beach Condos Up 69.6% in 2009

2009 Sales of Daytona Beach Condos Improve 69.6%

Sales of Daytona Beach Condos increased significantly in 2009, both in sheer volume and as a percentage of all Daytona Beach real estate sales. 394 more condos were sold in 2009 than in 2008. 958 condos and condotels were sold in 2009 against a total of 564 for 2008.

The chart below shows the improvement visually. As you can see, in eleven of twelve months, condos sales were higher in 2009 than in 2008. The last four months of the year so an even more dramatic improvement that was in line with the overall increase in all 2009 Daytona Beach real estate sales.

2008-2009 Daytona Beach Condo Sales

2008-2009 Daytona Beach Condo Sales

Now it gets more interesting when we look at condos as a total percentage of all sales. In 2008, condo sales accounted for 19.5% of all residential sales through the Daytona Beach MLS. In 2009, the number increased to 24.0%. That means that on a percentage basis condo were up significantly.

As a percentage of all sales, condos were up 23.1%. This is important because the condo market had been accounting for about 1 of every 5 sales. In 2009, that changed to 1 out of every 4 sales.

Much of the increased interest in condos is because of affordability. I just sold a condo in a building in Ormond by the Sea for $245,000. A few years ago, a similar unit sold for over $500,000. That’s a big difference and make beachside living much more attractive to many people.

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