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Driving on Daytona Beach 1904 Style

People Were Driving on Daytona Beach in 1904

Look at this photo from 1904 showing the beach scene in Daytona Beach at Seabreeze Blvd.

Driving on Daytona Beach 1904

Beach Driving in Daytona Beach 1904 Style

As you can see, although automobiles were just starting to make their arrival, the horse and carriage was the main mode of transportation. It’s a wonderful scene with people dressed up for their trip to the beach. We see many people congregating and walking. At the top we see a single horse buggy that looks like a racer. He’s very close to the surf. A car that close today would sink into the sand and be in real trouble. Things have certainly changed over the years, but driving on the beach remains one of the unique attractions of Daytona Beach. Of course, the sun and beach are wonderful attractions for visitors and locals alike, but there’s much more to do in the area. If you like outdoor activities, our golf courses, waterways and parks, then you’ll find a lot to do here. If you’re looking for less activity and vehicle free beaches, then there are plenty of areas to the south and north that are both vehicle free and fewer people. North of Ormond Beach, the beaches are more natural and there are many pelican and other birds. We’ll be posting more photos of the area on a regular basis. We are processing photos now from the Art of the Automobile show that was held on Beach Street in Daytona over the weekend. To learn more about living in Daytona Beach or Daytona Beach real estate –> click here.

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