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Kiss the Cold Goodbye – Daytona Beach Summer Photo

Photo Friday – Daytona Beach in the Summer

Ah, the summer and the heat and the beach and brilliant sunshine. Just memories during the past two weeks when we’ve seen cold Florida. In Daytona Beach we were seeing lows around 27° for about a week.

To help remember, I dug this beach photo out from last summer.

Bright Summer Daytona Beach Day

Bright Summer Daytona Beach Day

This photo was taken from the porch of one my listings in Daytona Beach. The house had been unoccupied for awhile so we can see the beach side vegetataion taking back the yard. This is a late afternoon photo, but in the summer it gets dark late so there are few shadows.

There are many homes directly on the beach in the area as well as many condo buildings. The direct oceanfront land is very valuable, but prices have come down a lot for these properties. Yes, even these homes purchased for well over a million dollars are experiencing short sales and foreclosures in Daytona Beach.

Further up the beach there’s a long stretch north of Granada Blvd. in Ormond Beach with direct beach front homes. These vary in size from small older homes to mega mansions. There’s also a mix of homes in Daytona Beach Shores directly on the beach.

There are no private beaches in the Daytona Beach area so it’s a fun walking on the beach and seeing these homes.

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