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Photo Friday – Dramatic Sky Over Daytona Beach

Dramatic Sky Over Daytona Beach Photo

We were out doing a photo shoot of a new listing at the Mediterranean condo building in October when this shot was taken. This shot was taken around noon time. Normally, noon is not as good time a time as around sunrise and sunset for landscape photos, but the dramatic sky and the contrasted with the palms and seawall make for a pretty nice picture.


Now this is a digital photo and it has been enhanced a bit in Photoshop, but only a little. The sky over the ocean was very nice that day. The day was warm, in the low 90s.

The area of the beach is not as crowded as it is closer to the pier. Many people enjoy walking and running along this stretch. The Mediterranean building is located south of Bellair Plaza. Check out the map below for the exact location.

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