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Photo Friday – Halifax River Sunrise Ormond Beach Florida

Sunrise over the Halifax River

River, ocean, canopy roads, bright sunshine and warm weather attracted us the Daytona Beach area in 1995. We stay for the lifestyle and the weather.

On Christmas Eve morning, another beautiful sunrise greeted us.

Halifax River Ormond Beach Florida Sunrise

Halifax River Ormond Beach Florida Sunrise

Yes, we missed photo Friday this week. We made an exception for Christmas day. I’m now getting into the groove again, so we have Photo Friday on Sunday this week.

This photo was taken from the park under the Halifax River bridge on Granada Blvd. in Ormond Beach. The park is on the southwest corner, but there is a park on every corner of this bridge. This is very rare. I don’t know of anywhere else park access like this. We are looking to the east and a little south.

The bridge connects the mainland with the beach side peninsula. It’s a very short distance from the beach and you can drive on the beach to the south of Granada. It’s actually a good choice if you want to walk without vehicles. To the north there are no vehicles and the beach is very nice for walking unless it’s high tide.

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