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FHA Loan Sharks Creating More Real Estate Foreclosures

It's Not Over - Sharks and Wolves Find New Ways to Game the System The front cover of the current issue of Business Week (December 1) states "The Subprime Wolves are Back and They're Feeding Off the Bailout." This article will really get your … [Read more...]

Who is Giving the Best Deals on Daytona Beach Homes and Condos?

Where Are The Best Daytona Beach Condos and Homes Deals? Do you know where to get the best deals on homes and condos in Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Port Orange? I do. Do you know which builders and developers are really dealing? I do. Do you know … [Read more...]

Ormond Beach Homes – Oceanshore Blvd – Video Listing

Daytona Beach Real Estate Video Listings are Here We have created our first video listing. The home is located at 562 Oceanshore Blvd. in Ormond Beach. This home is what the Florida lifestyle is all about. It's right across from the beach and has a … [Read more...]

Daytona Beach Home Sales – Detailed Inventory Analysis July 2008

Daytona Beach Real Estate Detailed Inventory Report One of the primary indicators for a real estate market is the number of homes on the market compared to the number of homes sold. This is the home market inventory number and it is usually expressed … [Read more...]

Number One Home Buying Tip for Daytona Beach Home Buyers

The Most Important Factor When Buying Daytona Beach Homes and Condos Location is Not Enough It is often said that location is the most important factor when buying real estate, and it's true, at least partially true. Where you buy your home is … [Read more...]