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Congress Approves Homebuyer Tax Credit Closing Extension

Senate Extends Homebuyer Tax Credit Closing Date to September 30 Home buyers who can take the homebuyer tax credit, with binding contracts as of April 30th, will have until September 30th to close under the extension passed by the Senate last night … [Read more...]

Home Buyer Tax Credit Deadline Looms for Daytona Beach Home Buyers

Home Buyer Tax Credit Deadline Looms - It's Already Close for Short Sales The Home Buyer Tax Credit that went into place at the end of last year will expire on April 30 in its present form. Homes and condos must be under contract by that date and … [Read more...]

Daytona Beach Real Estate Market Boosted by US Treasury

US Treasury Removes Limits on Public Money for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae There is little doubt that the Daytona Beach homes market has been boosted by US government actions. The home buyers tax credit,  FHA,  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae backing … [Read more...]