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Photo Friday – Ormond Beach Florida Sunset

Ormond Beach Florida Sunset

Golds and pinks and blues fill this Ormond Beach Florida sunset photo showing the sky as a storm front moves into the area. Thunder storms are forecast for tomorrow and clouds started building up around noon.

There’s a lot of water in this area. I’ve heard it said that Florida is a reclaimed swamp. I’m sure there’s was a lot of dry land a couple of hundred years ago, but if you fly over the state, it’s not hard to imagine it as swamp.

This photo was taken just north of Tomoka State Park. Tomoka State Park is located north of Granada Blvd. at the end of Beach Street. Just yards from this spot, Beach Street turns into Old Dixie Highway heading toward Bulow State Park and the Halifax Plantation Sub-Division. The sun is setting over the Ormond Lakes Sub-Division which is only minutes from this spot.

Ormond Beach Florida Sunset

Ormond Beach Florida Sunset

If you like to fish, there’s a very popular spot on the bridge that bridges the water here. There’s open water on both the east and west sides of the road. There’s usually a few people out there and there was one gentlemen night fishing as we left. There’s plenty of parking if you want to come and catch either the sunrise or sunset.

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