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Are You Looking for a Foreclosure or Great Value?

I’m hearing and reading that people are looking for foreclosures and short sales to get a great deal. I say, let’s back up a bit and talk about what most buyers really want – they want the best price they can get. If you’re buying Daytona Beach homes … [Read more...]

The Current Daytona Beach Homes Market in 142 Words

The Daytona Beach Homes Market - The Elevator Version Let's say you know I am a Realtor. We are in an elevator and you ask me what's happening in the Daytona Beach condos and homes market, here's my quick elevator version: "Our prices have dropped … [Read more...]

Photo Friday – Ormond Beach Florida Sunset

Ormond Beach Florida Sunset Golds and pinks and blues fill this Ormond Beach Florida sunset photo showing the sky as a storm front moves into the area. Thunder storms are forecast for tomorrow and clouds started building up around noon. There's a … [Read more...]