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Why Didn’t My Home Sell?

You put your home up for sale and it simply didn’t sell. Undoubtedly, this has created a lot of stress, inconvenience and anxiety for you and your family. Perhaps you already bought another home. Maybe you needed this home sold because of a job … [Read more...]

River Oaks Home Sold in Two Days

River Oaks Home in Ormond Beach Sold in Two Days The Phone Call I recently received a phone call from a neighbor in River Oaks with a heartbreaking story about needing to sell his home due to an unforeseen personal issue. He was really unsure … [Read more...]

Things You Need to Know About Real Estate Negotiations

Good Real Estate Negotiating Advice Real estate negotiations are about more than price. In a real estate transaction, everything is negotiable. That being said, the other elements to be negotiated will probably affect price. What are some of the … [Read more...]

What’s Important to Home Buyers Today

What Do Home Buyers Say is Important to Them? What do buyers say they want in a home? A new report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) gives us some insight on what home buyers want and what the percentage of those who got what they … [Read more...]